Handmade wet bag, with waterproof lining.

Ideal for your everyday accessories (makeup stuff, walet, keys, cell phone etc.) it is roomy and soft and can also fit to your bigger bag.

The fabric pattern was designed by Contrust, for the Which Color are U? project, inspired by the female body diversity.

It is also ideal to:

  • keep your wet swimsuit without worries!

  • store your baby’s cloth diapers, dirty clothes, etc.

Dimensions: 28 x 23cm


Which Color Are you? Blue, purple, yellow, chubby, skinny, hairy, old and young, we are all different yet amazing!The 8th of March is established as the International Women’s Day. It is a day of memory and celebration for women’s rights around the globe. We at Contrust, as a collective of femininities, honour the day with some new design products. They are inspired by the power and beauty of the bodies, by the diversity of the female identities. As a small contribution to the struggles for gender equality, 20% of the sales of these products during March will be given to the Center for Gender Rights and Equality ‘Diotima’, in order to support their program of providing legal help to survivors of gender-driven violence.

Which Color Are You? Wet bag #2

22,00 €Price
  • Washing instructions:

    Turn inside out and wiped clean or gentle machine wash at 40°C.

    Air drying.

    Dimensions: appox. 13x21 cm.