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Kids Aren't Alright Notebooks is a new series of urban surrealism Notebooks. Collage Illustrations on covers by Danai Gkoni are a 2021 version of 'homo ludens' in the athenian dystopic playground! Bright colors, vintage kids, architecture and political mottos to emphasize on Pop Surrealism of the time. 

No#3 is (Ο κόσμος πεδίο Μαχών).

Kids Aren't Alright Notebook #3

13,00 €Price
  • All collages are created digitally on the artist's studio combining web images and her own photographs.

    Notebook covers are printed on high quality thick paper, 300gsm, size is A5. Inside pages are Fabriano colored papers 80gsm. Elastic band is put by hand, and its color may differ from the photo.

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