These handmade reusable demake-up pads are the solution for your everyday demake-up routine! They are eco-friendly as you can use them again and again.


The upper surface is made of colored/patterned cotton fabric. There is a piece of fleece inside to be absorbable. The other surface is 100% cotton flannel and it is the one we use to remove makeup.


How to use:

Demake up your face, as usual, using these pads. Then wash them after every use with water and hand soap, or put them in the washing machine, using a gentle detergent.

You can iron them for more sterilization and cleanliness.

They come in a set of four

The round ones have a diameter of 7.5cm and the ovals are 10.5cm long.




Reusable demake-up cotton pads

10,00 €Price
  • Reusable cotton fabric mask for kids and adults

    Washing instructions:

    Machine washing at 40-60°C.

    Air drying.


    Kids: 15x10cm

    Adults: 18x11.5cm