Made by our guest artist Ismene King, a sculptor who works in ceramics, creating ceramic objects and jewellery.

Kurinuki is the Japanese technique of carving the shape of a vessel out of a single block of clay. The possibilities of textures are endless, as a great variety of tools and utensils can be used to carve onto the clay. The cups are then glazed and sprinkled with oxides and fired up to 1240 °C. No two products are ever the same, as each cup is made with a unique combination of texture and glaze colour.

Set of 2 Kurinuki egg cups

30,00 €Price
  • This ceramic object is 100% food safe.

    Materials: Stoneware clay, glaze, oxides

    Size: Approximately 6 x 5 x 5 cm (Sizes slightly vary for each cup)