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Decorate your room with this tiny light box and sleep tight! 

Can also be used as a night light.


Choose between white, gray or natural wood frame, put it on a table or hang it on the wall, connect the charger to enlighten and there you go!


* New usb cable connection. Use your phone charger to light it up. Switch is not included.


Zagori - Tiny Illustrated Light Box

45,00 €Price
Frame Color
Cable colour
  • Description:

    • Wall hanging / table light box with two complementary illustrations alternating when lights turn on and off
    • Digital inkjet print on professional matte paper 120 gr.
    • Original artwork by Myrsini Maneta, hand drawn in pen, digitally coloured
    • Ideal decoration for nursery room!
    • Designed and made in Greece


    • LED strip lighting element
    • Fabric coloured usb cable 1 m long
    • Black or White usb charger (EU plug) - Optional
    • Theme dimensions: 10.5 X 10.5 cm.
    • Frame dimensions: 16 X 16 X 3 cm.
    • Frame material: Wood & Glass
    • Frame colour: White, Gray or Natural Wood
    • Coloured fillet passepartout that may vary from the one in the photo


    • Maximum use of 10-12 hours daily is suggested
    • Avoid long lasting exposure to direct sun, humidity and heating devices
    • When broken, first change the adaptor

    Comes in a gift box.

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