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Contrust Collective Team


What happened when a minimalist jewellery designer encountered an exuberant digital illustrator? When a romantic illustrator met a dynamic potter and when, together, they met a handsome designer of leather accessories?

From such an unexpected encounter emerged our cooperative project of Contrust Collective, which finally found a home in the centre of Athens on December 2018.

With the motto "In Co we Trust" we design, manufacture and market our own products and aspire to give a different, collective response to the way we perceive production and trade as well as the relationship of the creator and final recipient.

You can meet us in our cooperative space at 10 Skoufou Street, Athens, or you can find our products in the online store.


Team Members


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Myrsini Maneta [Birds and lofts] studied architecture and has been working as a designer on both small and large scale, from interior architecture and stage design to illustration and crafts.

As an illustrator, she has worked for Crete University Press, Aiora books and the municipality of Kallithea. Since 2015 she has been working as a stage designer for Seveneleven Theater Company.

In 2014 she founded her own illustrating brand named "Birds and Lofts".


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Danai Gkoni [nolongeroutside] is an architect and digital artist. She has lived, studied and worked in Greece and the Netherlands.


Since 2013 she is exploring a particular style of digital illustration- narrating surreal and sometimes dystopic urban stories.


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Elina Sfountrouri [Sfoo Jewelry] is an Athens, Greece based product designer specializing in the design and manufacturing of jewelry. Combining sliver with other kinds of materials she creates in a variety of textures and shapes. She is inspired by the clarity of the basic geometrical forms and experiments with the shapes’ repetitiveness as well as the illusion of perspective.


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Dafni Tzanetaki [Crafter Mama] is a crafter since she remembers herself. She used to be a nursery teacher for more than 10 years and she is also a musician.
She has taken many courses such as photography, creating puppets, felting, sewing.
The idea of Crafter Mama came after sewing everyday accessories and clothes for her muse, which is her daughter.
She loves transforming fabrics into useful objects, focused on reusable and

eco-friendly everyday accessories.

She loves bright colors and she is often inspired by kids' paintings.
She sews for adults, for kids, and for those who feel like kids.



In Co We Trust.

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We love to collaborate, we love to experiment! In our shop you can find products that are a result of collaboration between two or more of our team members and are exclusively designed for Contrust Collective. Each one of us contributes his or hers inspiration, knowledge and experience so that a collage can turn into a unique bag or an illustrated story can transform into a pair of earrings.

You can find Contrust collaborative products in our retail shop and online.

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