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Limited Notebooks, cover printed blueprint-like on colorful Colorplan papers.

Woman is flying a kite with 'Κανένα Ασφαλή.. μέσα στις πολυκατοικίες' slogan by hiphop artist Lex on it.. So rural but so Athenian at the same time.

All urban surreally illustrated by Danai Gkoni. Pick your favorite pop color, they are super limited.

Unsafe Notebooks

10,00 €Price
  • All collages are created digitally on the artist's studio combining web images and her own photographs.

    Notebook covers are printed on high quality Colorplan paper by Perrakis, 270gsm.  Lavender, Citrine and Fuschia Pink. 20 white sheets inside, 80gsm plain paper.

    Dimensions 14x20 cm

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