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Which stereotype are U?

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Which stereotype are U?

Following up our previous International Women’s Day campaign " Which colour are U? ", this year we decided to play with stereotypes!

We stick out our colorful tongues to all the labels that for years have belittled, mocked and oppressed feminine identities.
Until they cease to exist, we will wear them proudly on our lapels and say: "we're all deadbeats, shameless, spinsters!"

As a small contribution to the struggles for gender equality, 20% of the sales of the "Which stereotype Are U?" products, during March will be given to the Center for Gender Rights and Equality "Diotima", in order to support their program of providing legal help to survivors of gender-driven violence.

Which stereotype are U? Badge

4,00 €Price
  • Badge diameter =38 mm

    Made in Greece.

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